SEDESA Seguro de Depósitos SA is a corporation created in 1995, with the sole purpose of managing the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD).


In this regard, SEDESA acts as trustee of the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD), which was created to guarantee bank deposits.

SEDESA is part of the financial safety net of Argentina.


Composition of Shareholders’ Equity:

The capital stock of SEDESA amounts to one million Argentine pesos (ARS) and each share has a par value of one peso. It is a private institution governed by the Business Corporations Law.

SEDESA’s shareholders are the Central Bank, holder of one (1) share class A and the financial institutions represented by CAJA DE VALORES S.A. (Cash Securities Corporation) as trustee of the Class B shares, under provisions stated in the trust agreement signed between financial institutions and CAJA DE VALORES S.A

The participation in the trust that acts as SEDESA’s shareholder results from the proportion of the contribution made effective by each financial institution in relation to the contributions collected from the entire system, for each calendar year.